Will CarbonX burn or ignite like competitors after extended exposure to heat or flame?

NO. Based on patented blends of oxidized fibers, CarbonX is the only fabric able to withstand the direct flame of a 2000° blow torch without igniting, burning or melting—even when exposed to the flame for up to 20 times longer than the leading competition. CarbonX fabrics also retain this level of persistence and protection against molten metal and arc flash, leaving it as the only choice for professionals working in conditions where safety matters most.

Does CarbonX really offer much more protection than the leading competition?

Yes. According to industry testing engineers and experts, the rule of thumb is to take the weight of a single layer of fabric and add two points to provide an accurate TPP value expectation. CarbonX surpasses this standard extraordinarily. Depending on the weave, the weight of a CarbonX fabric can be doubled, tripled, and in some cases multiplied by a factor of five in order to determine its TPP value. CarbonX also has the highest limiting oxygen index (LOI) value of any non-flammable fabric on the market today, beating the rest of the competition by nearly two-fold.

Is CarbonX comfortable?

Yes. CarbonX non-flammable fabrics offer wearers the highest level of persistent protection against fire, molten metal and arc flash, while providing breathability as well. In addition, CarbonX is incredibly soft to the touch and lightweight, wearing much like cotton.

Is CarbonX available in any colors other than black?

CarbonX knits are only available in black, while CarbonX wovens can be made in dark greens or blues in addition to the standard black.

How do I wash my CarbonX garments?

CarbonX garments are easy to care for. Always wash your CarbonX garments in warm or cold water on the gentle cycle with a small amount of mild detergent. We suggest hang drying CarbonX garments, but you can also machine dry them on low heat as well.

In what industries/applications is CarbonX utilized?

Available in knits, wovens and non-wovens, the CarbonX family of fabrics provides the highest level of protective solutions for nearly every application in today's most dangerous environments. Within the industrial market, CarbonX offers increased levels of safety with non-flammable work shirts, coveralls, pants, jackets, hoods, gloves, sleeves, long underwear, socks and boots. Firefighters have the best level of protection with CarbonX hoods, facemasks, helmet shrouds and turnout gear. NHRA and NASCAR drivers have CarbonX lining nearly every part of their gear, from racing suits to shifter boot covers, helmets and shoes to protect them against the risk of injury from intense fires. Police officers and soldiers have unsurpassed protection in countless CarbonX solutions like boot lining, bandannas and equipment bags just to name a few. Essentially, CarbonX has the ability to be manufactured in such a way that the potential applications against the risks of fire, molten metal and arc flash are limitless.

Within the world of motorsports, what drivers wear/promote CarbonX?

2-time NHRA Top Fuel Champion Larry Dixon, NHRA standout Del Warsham, and NASCAR drivers like Tony Stewart are all in the CarbonX family.

How do I buy CarbonX fabrics/products?

To purchase any CarbonX fabrics, simply visit our "Contact Us" page or contact our customer service department at 801.415.0025, ext. 203. To buy CarbonX products, please contact a CarbonX manufacturer or distributor-visit our "Where to Buy" section to identify the company offering the CarbonX solution for your risk.