CarbonX® flame-retardant fabrics deliver the ultimate level of protection when safety matters most. Our fabrics will not burn, melt, or ignite when exposed to direct flame; are highly resistant to molten metal splash and flammable liquids; and offer excellent protection from arc flash hazards. Even after intense exposure, CarbonX flame-retardant fabrics maintain their strength and integrity and continue to protect.

Constructed using advanced patented technology, our fabrics are comprised of a proprietary blend of high-performance fibers and are inherently flame retardant. Lightweight, flexible, and odor resistant, they also combine comfort with an extreme level of thermal protection.

CarbonX fabrics significantly outperform competitive flame-retardant textiles. In field tests conducted over the course of several years and across multiple applications, our flame-retardant fabrics have consistently proven their ability to withstand heat and direct flame for up to 20 times longer than other flame-retardant options.

Flame-retardant clothing made of CarbonX fabric can be worn daily as part of a total personal protective equipment (PPE) solution, providing significant value to users. CarbonX fabrics are used in flame-retardant baselayer garments, gloves, balaclavas, socks, jackets, pants, shirts, outerwear, and other applications.

CarbonX is a leading manufacturer of flame-retardant fabrics that partners with safety distributors worldwide to deliver customized solutions where protection from direct flame, molten metal, hot/flammable liquids, or arc flash are non-negotiable requirements. Every day, professionals and enthusiasts who work and play in some of the world's most hazardous environments rely on clothing made with CarbonX fabrics to provide them with the protection they deserve.