An arc flash explosion produces intense energy that can super heat the surrounding air to 35,000°F in less than a second.

Individuals working in environments where arc flash is ever-present as an unpredictable and erratic threat require the best out of their arc flash protective clothing and gear. CarbonX non-flammable fabrics are used in arc flash clothes and gear because they maintain their integrity and provide wearers with the highest level of persistent protection against arc flash hazards --even when exposed to the brutal effects of electrical arcing.


CarbonX Product Demonstration Series

The new CarbonX Product Demonstration Series highlights the varying levels of performance possessed by the biggest names within the FR market. Illustrating the capabilities of each fabric during identical scenarios created on both a small and full scale, this series provides undeniable proof that the protective characteristics offered by the CarbonX family of non-flammable fabrics are second to none. The series is rounded out by extreme footage of two experimental applications, the first utilizing CarbonX for a structural solution, the second in the simulation of a catastrophic motorsports event in the CarbonX live burn.

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