With temperatures ranging from 1300 to 6000°F, environments containing the threat of molten metal splash and spill are some of the most dangerous in the world.

With the ability to provide the highest level of persistent protection, a composition that sheds most molten metals, and a unique construction that will not melt, ignite or burn even under the most severe levels of exposure, CarbonX fabrics are the only protective solution fit to stand up to the risk of molten metal.


CarbonX Product Demonstration Series

The new CarbonX Product Demonstration Series highlights the varying levels of performance possessed by the biggest names within the FR market. Illustrating the capabilities of each fabric during identical scenarios created on both a small and full scale, this series provides undeniable proof that the protective characteristics offered by the CarbonX family of fabrics are second to none. The series is rounded out by extreme footage of two experimental applications, the first utilizing CarbonX for a structural solution, the second in the simulation of a catastrophic motorsports event in the CarbonX live burn.

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