Larry Dixon, 2-Time NHRA Top Fuel Champion and driver for Alanabi Racing

“When I first saw CarbonX I didn’t believe it could be as good as they claimed. I took it home that night, wrapped my hand in the fabric and placed my hand on the grill of my gas stove with the flame all the way up. As I held my hand on the burner I counted out how long it would take for the rescue crews to get to my car, extinguish the fire and pull me out. My hand was on the burner for about a minute. When I took my hand off and examined the fabric I saw that it had not been damaged.

I was in a terrible accident in 2003. My car blew up, it was in pieces on the track, engulfed in flames. Not having to worry about the fire allowed me to concentrate on safely stopping the car so I could get out of it alive. Because I was wearing CarbonX I was able to make it home to have dinner with my family that night.

In my line of work there is always a risk of fire. The best fire protection is critical, you have to be prepared. That’s why I will only wear CarbonX.”

Sara Dean, wife of burn victim in steel mill accident, sent in an email to CarbonX

“I want to take a moment to thank this company and its products for saving my husband's life.

On February 2, 2004, my husband was at work in a steel mill, on a bobcat pushing hot slag. Hot met cold and molten slag exploded all over his body. The steel melted the safety belt on the bobcat so he couldn't free himself. He was wearing the normal steel mill greens, but he had also worn his CarbonX underwear that night due to the cold evening. The greens he was wearing burnt off of him almost completely. The CarbonX hood and underwear he had on saved his life.

He did suffer some major 3rd degree burns to his body. But this was due to being trapped in the bobcat. His butt melted to the seat. His leg, face and hand were badly burned. The CarbonX hood did its job, as well as the long underwear. He would be dead right now if not for your products.

He has a long road to recovery with all the grafts to his body. But he is alive, and I thank God and your company for this product, as does my husband. One of the first words out of his mouth was that his CarbonX saved his life. Thank you so very much.”

Curtis Flowers, Safety Director, Nucor Steel Berkeley

"Over the past two years we have moved from using FR cotton and Nomex clothing to using CarbonX clothing to protect our employees in high heat and high exposure areas. We have found that CarbonX offers better protection and is more comfortable. CarbonX clothing also wicks better and wears cooler than any other fabric. Since instituting CarbonX clothing, Nucor Steel Berkeley, along with several of our other plants, have dropped to an impressive zero burns. We are proud to have been a leader in safety and one of the first in our industry to utilize this outstanding product. The increase in safety that CarbonX brings to our employees has been immeasurable and because of the protection and longevity of the fabric, the cost savings have been significant. In my 30 years of working in the safety field, I have never seen a material that is as comfortable and offers as much protection as CarbonX."

Bert Rivera, VP Operation, Hot Shield USA

“As a firefighter and co-inventor of the patented Hot Shield Wildland Firefighter Face Mask, I understand and appreciate the need to protect human skin from fire. Our goal has always been to manufacture the best facemask and helmet shrouds on the planet by using the best materials available. Since learning about and researching CarbonX materials, it became easy to see how much more effective (lighter & more thermally resistant) our masks could become by incorporating CarbonX in both the Hot Shield and our Ultimate Bandana. I am very pleased to be able to offer fellow firefighters extreme thermal protection like no other at a reasonable cost. Hot Shield USA is proud to be associated with the new leader in thermal resistant materials.”

Billy D. Lucas and Tim Trella, professional stuntmen, stunt coordinators and directors, inaugural members of BrandX Action Specialists

"As stuntmen and stunt coordinators for nearly 30 years, we don't wear a fire suit hoping we will never have to put it to the test. Our gear has to work--our profession requires us to light ourselves on fire constantly, making safety our primary concern. CarbonX gives us that piece of mind to deliver exciting, full fire burns on film and TV with minimal risk. Next to our skin, we count on CarbonX to be our only lifesaving barrier from heat and burns. It is the only true non-flammable fabric we will ever wear, use, and exclusively endorse."

Dave Minegar, 2-Time Rocky Mountain Challenge Series Challenge Series Champion

"I was first introduced to CarbonX at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in 2003, and they made me a believer right away. The only thing that stood between the palm of my hand and a mini-torch was a thin layer of CarbonX. The torch burned for over 30 seconds while the CarbonX blocked all heat from my hand--I ordered a pair of CarbonX underwear the minute I got home. I have been fortunate enough to work with CarbonX for the last 2 years in the CarbonX Rocky Mountain Challenge Series, and they are a great group of people who are committed to making racing safer in all levels of motorsports. I am proud to be the 2008 CarbonX Rocky Mountain Challenge Series Champion."